Thinking about going from COTA to OTR? Lots of pros and cons to consider! | #occupationaltherapy #OT #OTtreatmentideas

Pros and Cons of Transitioning from COTA to OTR

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In this episode of the Seniors Flourish Podcast, we will be talking about if going from COTA to OTR is right for you. Lot's of pros and cons - get out your paper and start writing them down!

Anything you would love to add - leave us a comment!

Thinking about going from COTA to OTR? Lots of pros and cons to consider! | #occupationaltherapy #OT #OTtreatmentideas

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Article: Should You Transition From COTA to OTR? The Pros and Cons of Making The Leap

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Thinking about going from COTA to OTR? Lots of pros and cons to consider! | #occupationaltherapy #OT #OTtreatmentideas

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as I am currently a practicing COTA in an MSOT bridge program. Prior to beginning the program, I listed a few of the similar pros and cons. I feel that having been a COTA of four years has enhanced my learning experience in the bridge program. I have loved being a COTA but I was ready to gain autonomy and expand my knowledge in a profession that I love. The bridge program allows me to continue working fulltime as a COTA. Therefore, I can learn a new concept in class on the week and turn around and apply it in practice the next week.
    I would be more than happy to share my experience and journey with other undecided clinicians as I was once in their shoes!

    1. Post

      I think being a COTA prior to OTR would bring such an amazing learning experience while going through the program!

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