Caregiving is HARD. Learn how being a caregiver while an occupational therapy assistant and healthcare professional shapes your perspective. | #occupationaltherapy #OT

The Caregiver Experience From a Personal OTA Perspective

Being a caregiver is hard.

With my experience working with older adults and their families over the years as an occupational therapist, I have come to realize that it is not a “one-man-show”. Being a patient is multifaceted and because OT is a holistic profession, we have to make sure we are looking at the roles of the caregiver as well and the impact on our patient’s progress.

But what is our role in supporting the caregiver?


Educational materials?


Listen to the personal story Katherine Ayala OTA, shares about being a caregiver to both her mother and father while finishing up occupational therapy school. Stories like hers give us, as healthcare professionals, a perspective to help us love, forgive, strive and be the best we can be.

A special thank you to Katherine for sharing her story.


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→ 3 Key Takeaways


  1. Caregiving is a hard role, especially when it isn’t a role you have planned.
  2. “Balance” is more than difficult to achieve and having family support helps.
  3. Caregiving can change (strengthen and/or stress) family dynamics.


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Caring for Yourself or Other Caregivers

Additional information on how to talk to caregivers to help with carrying out recommendations

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      Hi Molly! Such a difficult place to be. I am so glad you were able to connect with Katherine and her story. It is powerful to hear other people’s experiences. Wishing you positive vibes your way.

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