DIY your own Fall Prevention Bingo Game (or save the hassle & print some off for free!) to use during your Occupational therapy treatment or group sessions | #OTtreatmentideas #homehealthOT #SNFOT #neuroOT

How to Make Your Own Fall Prevention Bingo Game

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By Shannen Marie Coley, MS, OTR/L As established in our previous article on this topic, “5 Reasons to Play Fall Prevention Bingo in OT,” there are many reasons to incorporate both safety education and engaging fun into your occupational therapy treatment sessions with your adult patients of various stories, backgrounds, and abilities. Bingo is familiar to our adult patients and …

Learn why teaching Fall Prevention in a FUN way can help your OT patients! Plus FREE Bingo & Caller Card PDF | #OTtreatmentideas #SNFOT #homehealthOT #neuroOT

5 Reasons to Play Fall Prevention Bingo in OT (Adult Rehab)

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 3 Comments

By Shannen Marie Coley, MS, OTR/L When you Google or Pinterest “nursing home activities” or “inpatient rehab games”, odds are that “playing bingo” will be on top of that list of activities – but how about Fall Prevention Bingo? So how can we, as occupational therapy practitioners, modify and adapt this cherished game to meet the multiple needs of our …

Wondering how OT practitioners can have BETTER results with their clients that have had a stroke? Learn about the 10 principles of neuroplasticity (& FREE printable) to help you stay on track and get better results! | #occupationaltherapy #OT #homehealthOT #SNFOT #neuroOT #OTtreatmentideas

Neuroplasticity After Stroke: Use the Research to Get Better Results in OT

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Neuroplasticity, strokes and occupational therapy go together like peanut butter and jelly. They all need each other to help maximize the outcomes and occupational performance of our patients (or in the case of the sandwich, just taste delicious 😉). Crystal Cabrera MS OTR/L and Certified Stroke Rehab Specialist shares the research on how to step up our games as occupational …

How to perform an OT screen for adults - video tutorial and forms! | #occupationaltherapy #OT #SNFOT #HomehealthOT #OTtreatmentideas

How to Perform an Occupational Therapy Screening (For Adults!)

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I get asked all the time about how to perform a quick and easy occupational therapy screening to help decide if a referral is necessary for skilled occupational therapy services for adults. I gotcha! and wanted to share one of the educational videos on this topic from the Seniors Flourish Learning Lab titled “How to Perform an Occupational Therapy Screening,” as …

Ever curious about how YOU could volunteer internationally as an occupational therapy practitioner? Get all your questions answered and learn how you can do it today! | #occupationaltherapy #OT

Volunteering Internationally in Occupational Therapy

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Have you ever had wanted explore to volunteering internationally using your occupational therapy skills? Ever dream of exploring cultures, helping others, meeting like minded professionals or promote occupational therapy in foreign countries? In this episode, Sarah Putt MA, OTR/L and I talk about how she uses volunteering internationally to sharpen her critical thinking skills, creativity, and giving back to the …

Read Now! FREE educational video. Alzheimers Bathing Battles: Part 1: Shower Technique. Bathing tips + video for OTs, caregivers and anyone who struggles with bathing someone with Alzheimer's, dementia or other cognitive impairment. | #OT #geriatricOT

Alzheimer’s Bathing Battle Tips

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 4 Comments

Bathing someone with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairment is one of the biggest complaints from caregivers. There is fighting, arguing, and frustration. There is worry about body odor, risk of infection and being in pain due to chaffing and soreness. Everyone that struggles with bathing goes through this. First thing to focus on is that you cannot change your …

Are you an #OT wondering when it is best to recommend a Broda vs a Geri Chair? Top tips to help you and your patient decide what is best for them! | #occupationaltherapy #SNFOT #homehealthOT #OTlove

When to use a Broda Wheelchair vs a Geri Chair

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As occupational therapy practitioners, sometimes making the recommendation for a wheelchair can be hard, especially for a person that doesn’t quite fit the norms of a standard seating and positioning. One of the questions that I get asked is “How do you know when to recommend a Broda Wheelchair over a Geriatric (“Geri”) Chair?” So I went right to the …

Tips and questions to ask to integrate spirituality and intuition into your #occupationaltherapy practice today | #OT #SNFOT #homehealthOT #acutecareOT #OTtreatmentideas

Spirituality and Intuition in Occupational Therapy

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Even though there is a large percentage of the US population that affiliates with some level of spirituality or God, our current healthcare system does not often put a priority on spirituality and intuition outside of a typical hospital chaplain. Because occupational therapy looks at the “whole person,” it is an important aspect of people’s lives that we sometimes don’t …

Top tips how OT practitioners can help our patients transition to driving retirement while maintaining independence | #occupationaltherapy #OTtreatmentideas #homehealthOT #geriOT

Driving Retirement: OTs Helping With the Transition

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Many know that occupational therapists help with driving rehab, but how about driving retirement? It is a HUGE shift to go from driving to not driving and what is our role in preparing our patients with this transition? The more we can help our patients explore alternative options, the easier it will be for them in the future. Terri Cassidy …

Insight from a student who just finished her level II #OT fieldwork | #OT #occupationaltherapy #OTtreatmentideas

What You NEED to Know About Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork

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Curious what an occupational therapy fieldwork looks like? Guest Chelsea Rowe OTR/L just finished her level II fieldwork and shares her pros, cons, challenges and celebrations of her experience. She also talks about resources she couldn’t live without, tips for assessments, productivity and what to expect when diving into fieldwork!   MUST HAVE Resources Chelsea Recommends for Level II Fieldwork: Learning …