Check out these tips to get better results in your #occupationaltherapy practice using therapeutic use of self | #OT #futureOT #Occupationaltherapyassistant #occupationaltherapyideas #OTSNFideas

Using Therapeutic Use of Self to Maximize Occupational Therapy Outcomes

Using Therapeutic Use of Self is such a handy tool to have in your Occupational Therapy toolbox and can be used in any setting, from SNF and home health to acute care and outpatient!

This is a great conversation with fellow OT, Michelle Yeramian discussing how to use it in everyday practice to maximize your rapport and results with your patients.

Check out these tips to get better results in your #occupationaltherapy practice using therapeutic use of self | #OT #futureOT #Occupationaltherapyassistant #occupationaltherapyideas #OTSNFideas


AJOT: Therapeutic Use of Humor: Occupational Therapy Clinicians’ Perceptions and Practices

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