How #OT practitioners can use intensity and repetition in task based practice to increase the motor function after a person has a stroke. Tips for how to do it, options for technology to assist us and when should we get started | #occupationaltherapy #SNFOT #geriatricOT #homehealthOT #OTtreatmentideas

Repetition & Intensity to Increase Motor Function After Stroke

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Occupational therapy practitioners are continuously looking for ways to maximize the potential of their clients that have had a stroke. But what does the research say? Lauren Sheehan OTD, OTR/L & Lauren Souders OTR/L, CBIS dig into the intensity and repetition for task based practice in order to increase the motor function after a person has a stroke. Tips for …

Great ideas and easy ways to integrate mCIMT into your #OT practice - especially when working with our patients that have had a stroke. Plus FREE pdf printout of all the items used in the clinic | #occupationaltherapy #homehealthOT #neuroOT #occupationaltherapist #occuapationaltherapyassistant

Using Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy With Patients That Had a CVA

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Using the evidence to start a modified constraint induced movement therapy (mCIMT) program in your occupational therapy practice doesn’t have to be hard or involve lots of equipment. Listen in to Lauren Walker MOT, OTR/L talk about how her team did this to produce better outcomes for her patients who experienced a stroke. Subscribe here on: iTunes or Stitcher Resources from the Show: …