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Podcast: Focusing on Occupation in Occupational Therapy

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On this episode, I will talk with Sarah Stromsdorfer OT and blogger over at about how we as occupational therapists can add more occupation based treatment ideas and documentation into our daily interventions. Referenced: MOHO Modified Interest Checklist Occupation Based Kit Ideas and Free Supply List OT Goal: OT practitioner will instruct patient in 1 occupation based activity in …

New Podcast for #OT practitioners, specifically for those working with older adults | #OTpodcast #occupationaltherapy

Podcast: Welcome to the Seniors Flourish Podcast

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Welcome to the Seniors Flourish Podcast! This first episode explains what the Seniors Flourish Podcast is all about, how it will help you as an occupational therapy practitioner to be the best you can be when working with older adults and who is on the line up in the next few shows. Referenced Websites: Learning Lab Membership Site Thanks …

Great tips to motivate your patients - especially those with dementia. #5 is my favorite! Plus FREE Quick Reference Guide with 2 BONUS TIPS. Check it out on| #geriatricOT

Tips of the Trade to Overcoming Patient Refusals

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Patient refusals can be very frustrating! What do we do? There are supervisors to appease, RUG levels to adhere to, patients to help and ethical dilemmas to resolve. Here are a few tips to help ease the woes of patient refusals. 1. Split Your Minutes If you are an occupational therapist working in a SNF, sometimes having minute minimums are …

Occupational Therapy: What? You Won’t Help Me Get a Job?

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Occupational therapy – What is it that you really do? This is a question I get over and over and I can assure you it is not finding people a job (even though you can work with vocational rehab), the same as physical therapy (even though we work closely together) or  “just” getting people dressed (even though we can definitely work with …