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Occupation Based OT Treatment Ideas for Men

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 33 Comments

Looking for occupational therapy treatment ideas specifically for men? Here is a list for you! In my treatment sessions, I strive to provide client-centered, occupation based treatments when possible, but I am going to say it – men are different than women! They have different interests, ideas and things that are important to them and I definitely have to cater …

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Podcast: Focusing on Occupation in Occupational Therapy

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Podcasts 8 Comments

On this episode, I will talk with Sarah Stromsdorfer OT and blogger over at MyOTSpot.com about how we as occupational therapists can add more occupation based treatment ideas and documentation into our daily interventions. Referenced: MOHO Modified Interest Checklist Occupation Based Kit Ideas and Free Supply List OT Goal: OT practitioner will instruct patient in 1 occupation based activity in …

Get some new ideas with this HUGE list of fine motor activities when working with adults | SeniorsFlourish.com #OT #geriatricOT

Fine Motor Skills for Adults – The Ultimate Collaborative List!

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 6 Comments

I am always looking for new fine motor skills ideas, specifically when working with adults. I tend to resort to my “old favorites” that I know work well, along with specific activities that are important to my patients. But when I am working with a patient long term, where I need to grade the activity or trying to look for activities that …

Check out this list of Occupation - Based Kits for your Rehab Department + FREE Supply List for easy purchasing of items | SeniorsFlourish.com #geriatricOT #OT

Occupation Based Kit Ideas for Your Rehab Department

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 10 Comments

Occupation Based Kits are a great way to integrate more real-to-life activities in your hospital or SNF facility when it can be a challenge to replicate these task in the typical healthcare environment . They can easily be graded up or down based on the patient’s cognition, sensory integration, social participation or physical ability. Just grab a container, throw in your …