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Home Health Occupational Therapy

Is Home Health OT for you? Talking the good, the bad and the ugly as well as documentation, scheduling and why home health is quintessential OT at its finest!

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Resources from the Show:

Medication Log created by guest Monika Lukasiewicz OTR/L:

"I (Monika Lukasiewicz OTR/L) created this and have found it really helpful when I am asked to come on board to help with complicated medication cases (which so many ARE!)" - Click Here to Access the PDF


Homebound Status

Objective Measures

What is Home Health?

Motivational Interviewing

Home Health Tips Articles

Flow Survey

Applicable CEUs: Series: Defensible Documentation for the Home Health Therapist


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  1. I think it is much better to get paid by the hour, but unfortunately only full timers get paid by the hour or salary. Everybody that I know in my city who is PRN get paid per visit.

  2. I wanted to see if you could elaborate on the pros and cons of the various ways an OT can be paid in home health. You asked Monika but I wanted to learn more. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Mark, this is a BIG topic, but…. 🙂
      In general, most HH companies pay either salary/hourly or pay per visit.
      There is a lot that can go into each of these, as in miles of territory covered, etc, but I am going to give my general take on each:

      Salary Pros: more ensured hours/pay = stability, some pay bonuses for going over productivity, (some pay) mileage, benefits, Cons: will have productivity standards, lower pay overall

      Pay per Visit Pros: higher pay, (some pay) mileage, (some provide) benefits Cons: no visit = no pay (if patient not at home for scheduled appointment or low census)

      If you have a large territory, I wouldn’t probably do pay per visit personally as it might not be worth it (as in time vs pay). I know some therapists that have a lot of patients in the same area of town or even have a lot of patients at a facility such as ILF or ALF, so it is really easy to visit one patient after another without the drive.

      Lots of factors to consider! Anyone else have input on this subject?

  3. Hi,
    I was not able to download the med mgt PDF gave my info and watched a colorful bar graphic just repeat for several mins before giving up?

    1. Post

      Hi Christine – sorry! That wasn’t supposed to happen. Sending an email to you with the med log right now 🙂

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