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Podcast: Talking Cognitive Assessments

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On today's episode, I am talking cognitive assessments with Simon Carson OT + Heather Cole SLP, the creators of the F-STAC (Functional Standardized Touchscreen Assessment of Cognition) cognitive assessment.


Check out and purchase the F-STAC and the STAC

The website for their company: Cognitive Innovations


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      Yes! You can access any of my podcasts through my site at anytime or it is available on tons of podcast apps – stitcher, podbean, podcast, etc. Happy listening!

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  2. Hi Mandy! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your podcasts. I purchased the F-STAC and really like it so far. I shared it with the SLP I work with and she ended up getting it the next day to use at the other clinic she works at! Seems like not many adult or geriatric OT sites so am greatful to you for creating this site and podcasts!!

    1. Post

      Hi Shannon – thanks for the kuddos! I really like the F-STAC too, especially since I only talk about and support products/services that my readers and listeners can actually use and find helpful! It is easy to use and gathers some really good, practical cognitive information that you can easily transform into skilled goals – which is always helpful in my book.

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