Join the Occupation Based Therapy Challenge

 Join me and 100s of your OT colleagues on a 5 Day Challenge (Monday March 19th - Friday March 23rd) to Create Your Own Occupation Based Kit and  Develop a No Brainer Toolbox of Treatment Ideas For Your Practice (Plus BONUS Therapy Materials)
 How it Works
After 5 days of working alongside OT practitioners in the group, you'll walk away with...

An occupation based kit you have created for your facility

An arsenal of treatment ideas to utilize your kit

Practical strategies and resources to implement occupation based therapy in any setting

You'll have the opportunity to connect and troubleshoot with a community of OT practitioners along the way!

My goal is to help you feel more confident when it comes to implementing occupation based therapy with your patients

And--of course--no challenge is complete without some GIVEAWAYS!

Join Today!


Looking for more OT treatment ideas, education videos, clinical resources, patient handouts, assessments and support? Check out the Learning Lab membership and join today!

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