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Occupation Based & Functional Approaches in SNF

Occupation based treatment ideas feel like they should come easy, but sometimes we find barriers to getting creative and finding the occupations that are meaningful to our clients.

Timisha Tross BS, COTA shares how it doesn't have to be hard to put more occupation, creativity and fun into your occupational therapy treatment sessions - especially if you are working in a skilled nursing facility.


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→ 3 Key Takeaways

1.  Connections between the patient and OT practitioners matter.

2. Occupation based activities do not have to be complicated or have a lot of supplies to complete.

3. It's the little things that matter to the lives of your patients - be client centered!

Resources From the Show:

A concise OT case-by-case guide using mock patient profile to reflect frequently seen scenarios. You will find treatment intervention tips, documentation examples, simplified muscle and balance scales, up to date rehabilitation abbreviation and therapeutic exercises.

Timisha's ebook: 12 Case Studies Treatment Intervention and Documentation Examples for Occupational Therapists Working in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Connect with Timisha on her YouTube channel

OT Dressing Techniques (for Adults!) Using Theraband

Needing More Occupation Based Activity Ideas?

Occupation Based Kit Ideas for Your Rehab Department: Print the supply list and start using right away!

Occupation Based OT Treatment Ideas for Men: I always strive for being client-centered, but this gives you some ideas for activities more geared toward men.

Learning Lab members have over 15 treatment idea videos and lists of Occupation Based Activities including for endurance, balance, and cognition. Click here to access

Podcast: Focusing on Occupation in Occupational Therapy

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