Below are the guidelines on how to get the most out of reading the journal articles, using the evidence in your daily practice and earn Professional Development Units along the way (hooray!)

Getting Started

  • Articles will be presented on the Journal Club page on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
  • Participants will have 1 week to complete the reading if you choose to participate in the discussion questions of the article in the Learning Lab Facebook Group, which will be posted the 4th Wednesday of each month.

To initiate discussion around the journal articles, the 5 standard discussion questions that will be presented in the Forum include:

  • What is the relevance of this topic/question?
  • What were the strengths & weaknesses of this study and are the results valid?
  • Are all of the results obtained consistent with the hypothesis being tested and why?
  • Which conclusions are directly drawn from the analysis of the results and which are more speculative?
  • How do the results relate to current practice and how might they influence your future practice?

How to Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Per NBCOT guidelines,



Professional Development Unit (PDU) Requirements by State (U.S. only)

All Occupational Therapy practitioners are required to inquire and research if the Journal Club is included in their state OT continuing competence guidelines for acquisition of professional development units.

All Occupational Therapy practitioners that are participating in the Journal Club from countries outside of the U.S. must individually consult their national OT continuing competence guidelines for acquisition of professional development units.

You will be able to earn .5 PDU (minimum) per month through the Learning Lab Journal Club


  • File for documentation of PDU for professional registration/license renewal
  • See individual state or country for requirements

Any questions, feel free to contact me at 

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