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Presents for a Special Caregiver: Plus Free Gift Certificate Printable

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You can never thank a caregiver enough - especially around the holidays! Here are the ULTIMATE presents to show a caregiver how much you appreciate them, acknowledge how difficult their job is and make them feel special!

Don't forget to download the FREE Gift Certificate Printable for your special caregiver at the end of this post!

Gift Cards for the Things People Hate to Do

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Whether it is a maid service, weekly laundry, car washes or lawn care - people love the luxury of having someone do those chores that we hate to do! Many local services have[adinserter name="amazon chore home services link"]. Caregivers have a lot on their plate and having to worry less about these chores is a much welcomed present!

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Audiobooks Subscription

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Audiobooks are a great way to keep up on reading when you don't have the time to sit down and relax. They are a perfect present for any caregiver on the go - anyone that does a lot of driving to and from doctor appointments, picking up groceries or even commuting.

Audible has a great 30 day free trial, has every genre of book and they can be listened to anywhere and anytime.

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Gifts that Keep on Giving: Monthly Packages

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If you haven't been able to tell, I really love the gift that keeps on giving! Subscription gift clubs are one of my new favorite things because they are so personalized and yet, they are a complete surprise of what you are exactly getting each month.

Everything from Wine Club of the Month and Dessert and Sweets of the Month to Bacon Club of the Month or even a yummy Grill of the Month. What I love about these "clubs" is that you can choose from so many options to make it super personable, a huge variety of price ranges and you can choose how many months you would like to send it for. So fun!

Pampering of Hands and Feet

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Who doesn't love a good pamper? You can either get gift certificates to their favorite nail salon or you can make a "do-it-yourself" basket filled with a [easyazon_link identifier="B007242DD4" locale="US" tag="senioflour-20" cart="n"]manicure/pedicure/grooming set[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link identifier="B0157OJSLU" locale="US" tag="senioflour-20" cart="n"]cute nail polish, [/easyazon_link] or even [easyazon_link identifier="B004EDYQX6" locale="US" tag="senioflour-20" cart="n"] hand and toe lotion[/easyazon_link]. Burt's Bees products have the best smelling natural products out there!

Night Out

night out

Of course this takes special planning to help find respite care or family to assist, but a night away is a perfect present! It truly lets a person have that time to themselves and get away from it all.

Things like a night away in a hotel can easily be booked from sites like Orbitz or Tripadvisor. You can easily get a restaurant gift card that would be fun and easy to buy or even buy a movie ticket gift card to top off the evening.

Make it a noteworthy night!

My Favorite: The Gift of Time

Gift Coupons to Personalize for a Special Caregiver

Caregivers tend to have a hard time telling people what they need, so what I suggest to people is to tell them what you can (and will!) do for them!

Laundry? Cook them a few freezer meals? Come over to stay with the person they are caregiving so they can have some free time? Clean their house?

Make some DIY certificates of a few things that you are willing to do for them. They will not ask to "redeem" the certificates, so it is a great way to let them know what you intend to give them as a present and how you will lend them a helping hand.

The gift of time is precious.

Click below for free Gift Coupons you can personalize yourself! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Gift Coupons to Personalize for a Special Caregiver

Tell Me: What presents are you planning on giving that special caregiver this year?

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      Glad you were able to poke around Kaye! I know from personal experience that there never seems to be enough time…so if you can give the gift of time to a caregiver, it is an invaluable present 🙂

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